Zac Brooks Talks Recruiting On 103.9 The Game FM

The Natural State's top player for the Class of 2011, Zac Brooks from Jonesboro High School and his coach Randy Coleman, were on 103.9 The Game FM with Mickey Ryan to speak about Zac's recruiting process, and the upcoming season.
Brooks, who is 6-2, 180, with a 4.4 forty-yard-dash, has been offered by Arkansas, Arkansas State, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, Stanford, and Tulsa. Others showing interest include Auburn, Florida, Miami, North Carolina, Oregon, TCU, USC, and Vanderbilt.
Brooks was asked if he has a preference for which position he plays on the field.

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"I do have a preference I prefer receiver, but if the ball is in my hands I am good. I just like having the ball in my hands." Brooks said.
Brooks also stated that he would like to return kicks, but Coach Randy Coleman stated there is one problem with that.
"No one will kick to him." Coleman said. "They always angle the kick away from him. He might have gotten 10 kicks all of last year kicked towards his side of the field."
Brooks was also asked if there are any college coaches who he has met that he really likes.
"There are no particular coaches. I could not call out a favorite" Brooks said.." I enjoy talking to the coaches and they all tell me to stay focused and I am just enjoying the whole process."
Brooks also said that he is just focusing on his senior season right now.
"The first thing I'm worried about is what I'm doing now. What I'm doing now is preparing for the future." he said. "I let my parents take care of the stress parts. I don't need to be stressed right now, so I let them handle it. My parents are great. I can't ask for much more. I'm very blessed."
Brooks also spoke about the type of offense he is looking to play in at the next level.
"I can't really fit into an offense that is standard. The offense I need to be in needs to be flexible." Brooks said. "I don't have to be the guy to get the ball all of the time. We are a team not individuals."
Brooks also spoke about a few visits he has been on, as well as one he has planned.
"I'm going with [Jonesboro kicker] Luke Ferguson on a trip to Auburn next week. They are pretty good." Brooks said. "It feels great knowing they are looking at me. You know when the best is looking at you, that you are doing something right. I've been to Arkansas already and they were cool and Arkansas State is right here in Jonesboro, and I've been there a couple of times too."
Brooks said he is planning on staying close to home when he goes to college.
"My dad wants me to stay close to home." Brooks said. "I can't go too far away from home because of my parent's wishes so I'm going to stay close to home. It will be somewhere in the south. I don't like the cold weather. I was born in the south, I just don't dig cold weather."
If there is one thing schools should respect about Zac Brooks, it is the fact that he is a very unselfish player.
"I feel like if I can't get the job done, I need to be taken out." Brooks said. " Put someone else in the game that can get the job done for the team. We have to do what we have to do to go all of the way[to state], and if that means me having to sit because I'm not getting the job done, then so be it."
***EDIT*** Zac was brought back onto the air by Mickey Ryan after this original article was written, and he was asked if he was set on attending a big college or if he would consider a small school.
"A small school like Arkansas State is a place I could see my self at." said Brooks. "Everyone thinks it is about going to the big schools, but to me it is about doing what is best for me. If that means going to Arkansas State, then so be it. Coach Freeze's offense is the style of offense I'm looking for and I think I could go there and be a super star, and make it to the NFL. That is my main goal right there, make it to the NFL."
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