ULM Warharks- Five Questions

The Arkansas State Red Wolves take on the ULM Warhawks this Saturday night at 7PM in Jonesboro.'s Dusty Thibodeaux has answered five questions from ASU fans about the team he covers!
1: Does the new coach have any real chance at success in the long term there?
There was a huge outcry when Todd Berry was named head coach. Fans pointed to his sub-par record at Army, and a .500 record at Illinois State. Since he's gotten on campus though, Berry has turned all of the nay-sayers into supporters. Contributions, season ticket sales, and student support all are up. He knows that it's going to be a tough to right the ship, but within the next three seasons, the Warhawks will be in the post season, if not conference champions.
2: How has changing the mascot from Indians to the War Hawks affected ULM's marketing?
The change has been positive over all, but there is still a group of alumni alienated by the change. The Warhawks were able to defeat Alabama in 2007, while the Indians won a national title in 1987, picked up D1 wins over Kentucky and Mississippi State, and won a share of the 2005 Sun Belt Conference title. I think that for the Warhawk name to really catch on though, ULM will have to enjoy some more success with the Warhawk name.
3: Is ULM upset they only get 500,000 from Arkansas the next two years to come to LR when they might could make double that on an open market?
When the "home game" series was signed with Arkansas, the main purpose of it was to ensure that ULM maintained the attendance figures required to maintain D-1A status. I think that once that contract is up you will see the Warhawks fall in line with the rest of mid-major programs that are requesting paychecks of $1 million plus.
4: Does ULM have any facility upgrades in the works for Malone stadium?
There have been several upgrades to Malone Stadium in recent years. The only problem is that fans haven't seen them. The Warhawk football team has seen new locker rooms, new weight rooms, and the addition of the Clarke Williams Student Success Center to allow a place for student-athletes to concentrate on academics. Sure there are things that could be improved around Malone Stadium, but the administration has taken the stance that caring for the student-athletes as a high priority.
5: Who are the players to watch and how do you see the game turning out?
Both teams look to have suspect secondaries, so I look for an all out offensive showing. ULM will lead their offensive attack with running back Frank Goodin. Goodin is just over 800 yards away from becoming the school's career rushing title holder. Receiver Luther Ambrose is a big play maker and has lethal speed when returning kicks. Ambrose placed thrid in the 100m NCAA championships over the summer.
Defensively, junior Ken Dorsey leads the defensive line, Jason Edwards is a key component of the linebacking corp, and safety Darius Prelow in the secondary.
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