Shiloh Christian Receives Warning From AAA

In the bulletin for the month of September, the Arkansas Activities Association explained a penalty issued to the Shiloh Christian football program. The Program was given an official warning that the AAA classifies as a violation of its "recruitment" rule.
"Shiloh Christian did something they weren't supposed to do, but didn't really know it," said Lance Taylor, Director of the AAA, in a interview with
Due to not knowing they had committed an infraction, the Shiloh Christian football program was only given a warning.
"They had athletes from other schools working out with athletes from Shiloh Christian on their football field for a recruiting company." said Taylor "No players are going to be affected, as this is only a warning, but they need to be careful how they use their field when it involves athletes of other schools."
The company in question is Pinnacle Preps Recruiting, a recruiting service that helps promote athletes to colleges with highlight films, personal workout films, and other recruiting tools.
Shiloh Christian football was named specifically in the bulletin, citing an official warning of Article II, Section 3, Rule 3, which deals with recruitment, which can be viewed in the September Bulletin. will keep you up to date on any future developments.