Publisher Thoughts: Some coaches need to step up

One question I field year in and year out as a writer for the network is "why did so and so get overlooked in the recruiting process?" or "what could have been done to help so and so be recruited a little more?"
While there could be several different answers for the questions above, there is one thing I have noticed that has either helped or in some cases harmed an athlete's recruiting efforts.
In short, there are some coaches who need to step it up.
What do I mean by that? Quite simply, there are some coaches in this state who do very little to nothing to help their athletes be recruited. In this day in the recruiting age, there are a couple of things that have to happen if an athlete is going to have a shot at being recruited.
First off, each athlete who has an opportunity to play collegiate football needs a highlight film from each season starting their freshman season. Highlight tapes are essential. College coaches demand them as part of their evaluation process.
Secondly, athletes need to attend as many camps and combines as possible. While standing out on Friday nights is very essential, attending camps and combines is just as well.
Quite frankly, in my experience, college coaches will take the particulars of an athlete from a camp or combine before they will take it from a head coach. They know some coaches will fluff numbers from time to time.
Most summer camps are held on college campuses. This gives the coaches an opportunity to evaluate hundreds of athletes in a day or two. Not only will the coaches from the host college be there, typically you will find coaches from numerous colleges there as well. This improves an athlete's chances of being noticed and potentially picking up an offer.
The two things I mentioned above are mandatory items that prospects must have, and must do. In the opinion of this writer, it is essential that the coaches help their athletes by making sure game film is accessible to them in order to make highlights, and at least inform their athletes of upcoming camps and combines.
Some of the "in the game" coaches in this state take the time to make the highlight films and even drive their athletes to the camps. These coaches should be commended for their efforts.
Now, this is not an article to bash any individual coach, or even any group of coaches. This is an article with a two-fold message:
1: There are coaches who need to step up their game and help their athletes with the recruiting process.
2: There are things the athletes must do to help themselves with the recruiting process. has a good bit of information to assist athletes, parents, and even coaches with information in regards to making highlight films, and the recruiting process.
Yeah in and year out, I've watched athletes who were more than capable of playing collegiate athletics get over-looked in the recruiting process because they didn't get the proper help to help put their name out there. Hopefully that trend will begin to change in the near future.
Quite simply, there are some coaches doing a great job of helping their athletes get noticed. However, there are too many coaches out there who are not doing enough. It is time that this changes for the sake of the athletes who are trying to make it to the next level.
With less than 3% of all high school athletes making it to the next level of collegiate football, these athletes need all of the help that they can get.
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