Morgan To Be Featured On Super Bowl Sunday

Cave City (Ark) football player Thamail Morgan has had a high school career full of ups and downs. He began his career playing at Newport (Ark), and ended up transferring to Cave City after some off of the field issues would not allow him to play football for the Greyhounds any longer.
****EDIT**** We have received confirmation the feature will air at 1:30 PM CST
Upon moving to Cave City, things began to change for Morgan, and a series of events went into motion which would turn tragedy into triumph.

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It all began on September 11, 2009 when Yellville-Summit football player Kymball Duffy lost his life in an automobile accident just hours before kickoff.
The following week, Yellville-Summit played Cave City in their first game since losing Duffy. Towards the end of the game, Thamail Morgan did something that earned him national respect, and helped get his name out to college coaches across the nation.
With seconds remaining in the game, Yellville-Summit scored a touchdown. They then had to kickoff to Cave City. When they did, with Cave City already leading, the ball sailed to Morgan, who began running up field. He broke several tackles, and ran down to the two yard line, stopped, backed up to the five yard line, and took a knee.
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Now here was are, just a couple of days beyond National Signing Day, and just a couple of days until the Super Bowl.
What does the Super Bowl have to do with Thamail Morgan, Kymball Duffy, Yellville-Summit, and Cave City you may ask? Great question. This story is going to be featured by CBS Sports in the Super Bowl Pregame show, sometime around 1:30 CST.
Cave City head football coach Jon Bradley discussed the story with ArkansasVarsity.com via telephone Friday evening.
"CBS Sports is going to air a 10-15 minute feature on the entire story Super Bowl Sunday." said Bradley. "It will be during the pregame show, and will be aired sometime around 1:30 PM CST. The focus of the story is on not only Thamail, but also the Kymball Duffy, his family, and both schools involved."
Bradley also stated that CBS Sports made multiple trips to Arkansas to get the story.
"They came down here six to seven times." said Bradley. "They talked to us about Thamail, his background, and how things have changed for him. They also recorded video of Thamail meeting with the Duffy family for the first time. There was a time that it looked like we [Cave City} would play them [Yellville-Summit] in the first round of the playoffs, but that did not happen. They was going to come down for that game had it played out that way. They did show up for other games, and miked us up in preparation for that game, but it never came to pass."
Bradley also spoke a bit about the school Morgan signed with on National Signing Day.
"Thamail signed with division two Ouachita Baptist on signing day." said Bradley. "It was the best option for him, because he was not fully qualified to go division one. However, they have given him the option to go to a division one school if he gets qualified, and they will give him a full release."
Bradley also touched on the publicity everyone has received from this story.
"CBS is expecting millions of people to view this story." said Bradley. "I can remember how much publicity it received when you [ArkansasVarsity.com Publisher Luke Matheson] ran the original story that made it on the front page of Yahoo.com. It was unbelievable at the publicity it received, it was unbelievable the phone calls and emails we received. It was really crazy then, so I can only imagine what things will be like once this is aired on CBS Sports this Sunday."
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