Frazier Camp Denies Message Board Rumors

One of the top prospects in the Class of 2011 is Shiloh Christian quarterback Kiehl Frazier. Frazier has a whole multitude of offers from several top schools across the nation, to include the University of Arkansas.
This past week, rumors began circulating on message boards that Frazier was becoming upset with the University of Arkansas coaching staff. The rumor alleged that Frazier was upset because teammate Samuel Harvill had not received an offer from the Hogs, and this was hurting relations between Frazier and the Arkansas coaching staff.
Frazier's father, Robin Beach, contacted to clear the rumors up.
"The rumor that Kiehl is upset with the University of Arkansas is absolutely not true." said Beach. "The rumor is totally fabricated. Kiehl loves the University of Arkansas, and has a strong relationship with Coach McGee. Kiehl and Sam will make their own decisions. If one does not have an offer that the other has, it will not affect their decisions."
Beach also stated that Frazier is planning on attending several spring games, and possibly a couple of combines.
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