Butterfield Discusses His Injury; Road To Rehab

Injuries. They are a given in the sports world, and every player who laces up a pair of cleats and puts on a helmet knows that they are taking a chance of sustaining a few throughout their career.
Some injuries are small, some are big, and some may end a players career in the very instance it happens. Others can be surgically repaired, and with some hard work and rehab, that player can overcome the injury, and play another day.
That is just what Arkansas State freshman QB Phillip Butterfield is hoping to do after having surgery to repair his knee this past week.
He recently sat down with publisher Luke Matheson to talk about his injury, and the road to recovery.
"It is ok right now since I am not moving, but when I try to get around it doesn't cooperate very well." said Butterfield. "This just was not the way I wanted to start out."
He also discussed how he suffered his knee injury.
"I was taking a drop, and I hit the step to transition my weight forward for a throw. said Butterfield. "When I did that, it popped and twisted. I suffered a full meniscus tear. It will be okay though. I have got a lot of rehab ahead of me, but I am ready for it."
Butterfield also said that though he was most likely going to red shirt this season, this is not necessarily how he wanted to do it.
"I was most likely going to red shirt anyways, but this is a bad bummer because I was just starting to learn the offense by getting reps." said Butterfield. "I will just have to watch a lot of film now."
He also wanted to thank all of the fans for the support he has gotten so far.
"I've gotten a lot of support [from the fans]." said Butterfield. "Thats been really helpful. I also want them to know that I am staying positive, and that I am ready to undergo my physical therapy and am eager to watch a lot of film and learn the offense. I will be back and ready to go for next season, and ready to fill whatever roll the team needs." would like to wish Phillip a speedy recovery, and we wish him the best of luck with his rehab as well.