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Breashears Looking For An Opportunity

In the game of football, there are times you run across a player who may not look like he has the physical attributes to be a good football player, then you see them in action on the field, and soon find out otherwise. This is what you will get when you see Lonoke athlete Tyler Breashears in action.
With a height of just 5-foot-7, and a weight of 200 pounds, Breashears played offensive guard for Lonoke during his senior season. While looking at his size and weight, it may be hard to envision him as a offensive lineman, but what he did not have in size, he made up for in hard work, heart, and determination.
That hard work paid off as he was named to the Arkansas Activities Association's All State Football Team, All Conference Team, the 2009 ArkansasVarsity.com Gamebreaker's List, and the award that he is most proud of receiving, the 2009 Brandon Burlsworth Award Winner for Class 4A.
Breashears sat down with ArkansasVarsity.com to talk a bit about his senior season, and some of his accolades that he recently received.
"Receiving the Burslworth award was a major honor." said Breashears. "You just don't know the feeling I had standing there after the Championship game, not knowing that I was going to get the award, but knowing I wanted to win it, and hearing my name called out. It was a huge honor! It makes you feel very good to win an award like this. I mean I got other awards, but the Burlsworth Award is the biggest of them all because of what it stands for and what it takes to win it. I still smile ear to ear anytime I think about winning it, or when someone congratulates me for winning it."
Though it is late in the recruiting season for the 2010 class, and despite the fact that he knows he will not play on the offensive line in college due to his size, Breashears is hoping to find a school to give him an opportunity to at least walk on and earn a spot on the football team.
"I would just like to be able to get a chance." said Breashears. "I know that I am at a huge disadvantage due to my size, but what I don't have in size, I make up for in hard work, heart, and determination. I use everything I have just to prove I can get the job done. I am realistic and I know that if I get a chance to play, it will not be what I played in high school. I'd be willing to play anywhere, even if it was just on special teams. I just want a chance at playing college football. I know that at the most I will only be able to play Division Two football, and I am fine with that. I know that I am getting a really late start in the recruiting process, and will probably have to walk on somewhere, I'm just hoping for a chance."
Breashears spoke a bit about his senior season as well.
"I really enjoyed my senior season." said Breashears. "It was tough playing all the way until Christmas with everything else in life I had going on, but it was great, and I really enjoyed it. It was great to be a part of a team of players who were about the team first and individuals second. That is what I am looking for in a college team as well. I'd like to play for a team that works hard every day, and for coaches who put a big emphasis on education, because that is what is at the most importance when it comes to going to college. You have to be able to do as good in the classroom as you do on the field. I know I can be a really good football player because I can do anything when I set my mind to it, and this is something I want to do."
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