Bo Weddle wins Paul Eells award

LITTLE ROCK - Each year to go along with the Landers award, KATV Channel 7 sports director Steve Sullivan presents the Paul Eells award to a special player from Arkansas.
This year that award was presented to Carlisle running back Bo Weddle.
Sullivan spoke about the Paul Eells award, and why Weddle was chosen in a recent blog post.
Paul loved Landers Award night!!! Just having Paul on the show made it a big event. I remember Paul's last Landers Award. It was 2005. Springdale stars Mitch Mustain and Damian Williams were in that group. I remember how excited all those finalists were to meet the longtime voice of the Razorbacks. On a night where I'm a bundle of nerves, Paul was such a great calming influence.
Our 2013 Paul Eells award winner is Bo Weddle from Carlisle. Why Bo? Well, he's a young man who's displayed qualities during his high school career that remind us of Paul. We hope Bo realizes how special this honor is.
Weddle spoke with following the ceremony to give his thoughts on being named this year's recipient.
"It was a great honor for me to win this award," said Weddle. "The way everyone talks about Paul Eells, I was young when he passed away so I don't remember a lot about him, but everyone talks like he was a great man so I am honored to win this award."
Weddle had a tremendous high school career, and has picked up multiple division two scholarship offers. He will be taking a few visits soon, then plans to make a decision.
"I have three official visits set up in the next few weeks," he said. "I'm going to Harding, Arkansas Tech, and Henderson. After those three visits I will make a decision on where I want to play college football at."
Additionally, Weddle gave his thoughts on each school he plans to visit.
"They all have their own unique things that I like about them," he said. "Harding has the environment. You can't find a better environment that you will there. Arkansas Tech it's kind of a laid back college. Everything is relaxed there, and I like that about Arkansas Tech. Henderson, they just win. That's what I like about them. They win football games, and Coach Maxfield is a great guy. He won the D2 national coach of the year before, so it's hard to go wrong with that."
Weddle suffered a season ending knee injury early in his junior year, but feels he made good progress during his senior season coming off of that injury.
"I think it went really well," he said. "I had a bit of a hiccup in week nine when I strained my hamstring, but other than that everything went pretty well with my knee. It held up pretty well."
He also spoke about his goals from this point forward.
"I just want to stay in shape," said Weddle. "Just keep getting faster and keep getting stronger. Other than that, whatever happens will happen."
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