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Promo Code Is: RIVALS30
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ArkansasVarsity.com is quickly becoming one of the Natural State's top websites for prep sports and recruiting news. Our staff travels the state to bring you the absolute best coverage, and you can give us a test run FOR FREE for 30 days!
If you are not already a subscriber:
1. Go to ArkansasVarsity.com
2. Click on the link that says "7 Day Free Trial" near the top left of the home page.
3. Fill out the registration form completely. You will see a place for a Promotional Code. Enter the word "RIVALS30" to receive your free 30-day trial. (The code is CASE SENSITIVE) You will need to enter a credit card number to receive this offer, but it will not be billed for 30 days so you'll have a chance to cancel if you do not want to continue your subscription.
After That...
We hope that you'll stick with us! Do not call ArkansasVarsity.com for subscription information/questions as all of this is handled by Rivals headquarters. For security reasons, ArkansasVarsity.com does not have access to this information, so you must follow the directions. That's it. You will then have access to ArkansasVarsity.com.
Current subscribers: We have a reward for referring a friend to our new user offer above. If you email Luke Matheson ( Luke@ArkansasVarsity.com ), and verify the username and email address of your friend, we will give you THREE FREE MONTHS on the end of your subscription for each friend that becomes a paying subscriber following his free trial, up to twelve months. Emails must be received within 48 hours of your friend signing up. New sign ups can not be referred by more than one current subscriber.
Click Here To Sign Up For 30-Days For Free
Promo Code Is: RIVALS30
Offer ends July 30, 2013. Reminder: For current subscribers to receive additional months free, the referred friend must become a paying subscriber, which occurs after the free trial period has been used and the first billing attempt is completed successfully. Refunds issued to new users disqualify the referral offer. Limit four referrals, and 12 free months, per subscriber